When To Refresh Content, And When To Hold On For SEO

When To Refresh Content, And When To Hold On For SEO

Sometimes, Old News Is Good News


The Internet often feels cluttered, complicated, or disorderly when it is not honed in on the hottest, newest content every day. The ability for the web to display up-to-date information and for businesses to post relevant information is critical to how we all work and live online. However, according to a recent update from Google’s SEO wizard John Mueller, removing old content from a website is not advisable. In fact, from an SEO perspective, holding on to old news may offer benefits that behoove your site for the search engine’s algorithm. As with all content, revisiting and maintaining it is critical – especially if you have an active reader base who might get confused due to inaccuracies that show up in older blog posts or web content.

Rather than spending time weeding through and removing old content, Mueller alludes to an alternative approach. Businesses can instead create an archive of outdated content that lives in a specific corner of their site. Naming it an “archive” signals to users that you are not actively maintaining it – but holding on to all of your old content marketing, backlinks, and metadata might prove valuable for your search engine visibility.

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