Make Your SEO Count This Holiday Season

Make Your SEO Count This Holiday Season

When It Comes To Holiday Content, Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

SEO Digital Strategy

The stakes are high this holiday season. While the supply chain slowdown might make holiday shopping a pain for some consumers, there are ways for businesses to provide ease and convenience – namely, by offering clear, accurate online content. 


According to a recent analysis, more than two-thirds of shoppers hunting for in-store purchases will search online to find nearby locations and deals. For those shopping online, the competition has never been as pronounced as it is now. Showing up online in a way that helps shoppers find what they’re looking for with as little confusion and hassle as possible should be retailers’ main goal this holiday season, whether you’re an eCommerce store or a brick-and-mortar shop. One way to start planning online content ahead of time is to look back at SEO data and insights from prior holidays. How did customers respond to your campaigns? How effective was your marketing spend? Casting a more comprehensive eye at broader industry trends is another effective way to get a pulse on how competitors use keywords, metadata, and reviews to optimize for search.


The holiday season puts unique demands on people and culture – and is a critical moment to surface a new tone and way of presenting information in your content strategy. Brands should tailor their online content to address customers’ intentions and clearly articulate their value.


The holidays put marketers to the test. It is a great season to brush up on general SEO best practices, from pressure testing your site’s load speed to including multiple content types such as video and infographics to elevating the customer experience to a new level. If you are interested in leveling up as a content marketer, work with ASTRALCOM this holiday season and experience the difference of quality-led online content. ASTRALCOM has substantial expertise in search marketing and an insightful approach to convert more customers and build life-long loyalty. 


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