A Dispatch from Content Marketing World 2021

A Dispatch from Content Marketing World 2021

CMW2021 Emphasized Artful Storytelling and Efficient Channel Use

Content Marketing World 2021

Content Marketing World is one of the major touchstones in the industry. This year’s conference was an energetic combination of inspiration and tactical advice. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Content strategy needs to transform with the world. There was a lot of talk about people’s resilience, culture, and businesses throughout and beyond the pandemic. Many speakers spent time marveling at our ability to adapt and shape-shift to address our collective circumstances as businesses, marketers, and humans. Marketers met the demands of the pandemic by creating new, compelling content at a breakneck pace, backed by flexible strategies that make space for change and transformation.
  • Content is effective when it lands emotionally. There is a shortage of content that genuinely meets human needs, considering the digital fatigue so many people experience and the overabundance of virtual events and digital touchpoints during the lockdown. What can brands do to relate to their customers on an emotional level through what they say and when and how they say it?
  • Artful storytelling will never fail. Bringing enthusiasm, energy, and a customer-centric attitude can transform how content marketing elevates products and services.

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