Now Is The Time for Restaurants to Explore Loyalty Programs

Now Is The Time for Restaurants to Explore Loyalty Programs

Here’s Why Loyalty Programs are Restaurants’ Strategic Play of 2022

Restaurants to Explore Loyalty Programs

The pandemic has created unparalleled challenges for the restaurant industry – and the businesses that have prevailed have either done so through a superior product or through digital innovation. Over the past year and a half, we’ve seen restaurants pivot to digital menus, integrate with delivery services, and amp up their social media initiatives. What’s more, ordering food online has become a native behavior for more people than it ever was before. Digital ordering has surpassed dining in by 300%.


What does this trend mean for restaurants as we enter yet another pandemic winter? For one thing, competition will continue to be fierce. Additionally, brands will do well to personalize rewards through programs that connect them more closely to their repeat customers. In other words, it’s time for restaurants to go all-in on loyalty programs.


More than half of Americans will happily sign up for a free loyalty program of a brand they already love and frequently purchase from. For restaurants, if you can provide a good enough experience to bring a customer back a second time, chances are they are ready to become a brand loyalist. Done well, using popular platforms like ParTech and Punchh, restaurants can engage their customers both in the moment of purchase and beyond. The more data you have on a customer – the time of day they tend to order, what menu items stand out to them, how much food they purchase per order – the more you can tailor promotions, deals, and special initiatives to their specific needs. Plus, you can track a customer’s birthday, anniversary, and demographics through a loyalty app to create the best possible offers for them.


If you’re a restaurant owner or marketer looking to expand your digital strategy, partner with the experts at ASTRALCOM. Our restaurant portfolio is a testament to the growth potential each business stands to gain from by taking their business online. 


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