When Restaurants Should Consider Direct Mail

When Restaurants Should Consider Direct Mail

Reviving The Tried-and-True Method of Direct Mail Ads for Restaurants

Direct Mail Ads for Restaurants

Direct mail marketing campaigns are often touted as a proven method for quick-service restaurants to gain customers. At the same time, junk mail clogs up many peoples’ mailboxes, and it is too easy for a quality offer to get lost in the shuffle. If a restaurant wants to see legitimate results from a direct mail campaign, they should reserve their snail mail for a few key scenarios:

  • Announce a grand opening. If a restaurant has a new location, a renovation, or a major opening, it’s worth notifying reliable customers via a postcard. Invite them to come celebrate, and offer them a discount on their first meal.
  • Acknowledge their birthday. Who doesn’t love a birthday card? If your customer has provided you with their birth info, chances are, they trust you enough to want to feel rewarded by you. Make their birthday a special occasion with a print gift and promotion.
  • Welcome them to the neighborhood. Local restaurants can give the equivalent of a new mover gift from a neighbor by sending a welcome note and offer to someone who has just moved house. 

If you’re a restaurant owner seeking ways to gain trust and traction with your local customer base, ASTRALCOM can help. We have a portfolio of restaurant clients and sector knowledge to advance your marketing strategy.


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