Are You Ready to Get Technical About Your Email Marketing?

Are You Ready to Get Technical About Your Email Marketing?

For Successful Email Marketing Campaigns, the Devil is in the Details

Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Customers’ inboxes are a holy grail of potential, conversions, and ROI for many brands. Email is not a new or particularly disruptive channel – however, using email platforms without fully leveraging their technology is probably a waste of marketing time and resources. Industry researchers at Martech have gone so far as to create an email marketing table of elements to offer a clear sense of what brands should do to make the most of their campaigns – and the features continue to evolve.


Whether or not your business has a technical marketer on staff, it is crucial to understand how an email platform works to make the most of it. Where does it collect IP addresses? How does it serve up analytics? How can it ease friction for customers that want to make purchases or engage with a CTA?


Email platforms have grown increasingly sophisticated, allowing marketers to insert time-sensitive items like countdowns for special offers or non-static content that might change depending on when a person opens the email. If you’re looking to make it easier for customers to make purchases, spend time with your content marketing materials, or engage in any kind of feedback loop with your brand, chances are, email is an underdeveloped channel for your brand.


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