How Can a Name Change Affect SEO?

How Can a Name Change Affect SEO?

Are You Changing Your Name This Year? Don’t Panic – Your SEO Will Be OK.

Can a Name Change Affect SEO

For frequent bloggers, writers, and online personalities, a name change represents a significant shift in how their audience can find them. Name changes might occur for many reasons, from marriage or divorce to the creation of a pseudonym.


A recent Twitter conversation with Google’s SEO expert John Mueller revealed that consistency is the most critical factor to account for to minimize search engine thrash in the wake of a name change. In other words, be sure that wherever an author has published, the new name is updated so that Google’s algorithm can make sense of the change. If your business has built substantial credibility around a specific author’s byline, it is valuable to address the name change in blog posts or newsletters to ensure that your readers (in addition to Google) are also not confused.


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