Is Your Website Putting Your Customer First?

Is Your Website Putting Your Customer First?

How Can You Distill Your Website’s Core Objective to Improve its Efficacy?

Is Your Website Putting Your Customer First

When a website fails to attract and convert customers, chances are, it is learning too heavily on the wrong goal. Marketers engage in a delicate dance to balance stakeholders’ needs with their own creative input and what they perceive customers want. When a site is designed to appear harmless to all parties involved, chances are, its message will be watered down and uninteresting to customers. It is crucial for all stakeholders involved to clarify and agree upon its objective to optimize a website. Once the site’s goal is clear, the sweeping majority of content should directly support the goal. When working with stakeholders to determine a site’s objective, keep in mind that what customers want is more important than what the business wants to sell, the categories created around a product or service, or the assumed value of one offering over another.


Even a brand’s most loyal customers do not enjoy sales-y tactics. To retain trustworthiness and credibility, marketers should focus on conveying the value of a purchase before selling it or asking the customer to do anything. While the business is primarily focused on its bottom line, the customer will be forming two ideas when interacting with your website: first, what can they conclude about you as a brand? And second, are they willing to offer what you’re selling?


Webpages wear their motivations on their sleeves. At ASTRALCOM, we are experts at bridging customers’ desires and expectations with complex business strategies. Learn more about how we work with brands to achieve meaningful conversion goals.


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