How to See the World Through Your Customers’ Eyes

How to See the World Through Your Customers’ Eyes

What Can You Learn From Your Customers’ Experience Of Your Brand?

Your Customers' Experience

Brand marketing can often feel like a one-way conversation. Marketers are professional persuaders – but effective persuasion requires a considered understanding of your customer and the ability to understand their psychology at various stages in the customer journey. In addition, marketers can assess the impact of their multiple offerings by better honing in on how customers engage with different channels, touchpoints, and interactions. 


For instance, how are your headlines resonating with your customers? Think of a headline on a webpage or blog article as the front door to your entire product ecosystem. If you can get a customer through the door, you have their attention – and can offer them something that adds value to their experience. When a headline underperforms, the entire sales funnel can fall apart. In all likelihood, a typical user will decide whether or not they’re hooked by a headline in about two seconds. With that in mind, how can you center the customer by focusing your language on their experience and rolling out the welcome mat for them to learn more about your offerings? 


Another area worth analyzing, again and again, is sales attribution. In other words, do you know where your conversions are really coming from? Be sure to monitor the stats behind your ads, search engine results pages, user-generated content, and other channels so that when it comes time to attribute your conversions, you know where you’re getting the highest return on marketing spend. 


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