Talking To vs. Talking At Your Customers

Talking To vs. Talking At Your Customers

Using Content Marketing Touchpoints as Conversational Assets

Content Marketing Touchpoints

Marketing prospects are people, first and foremost. Their day-to-day experience, memory, impulses, and loyalty are the most critical levers a business can aspire to understand. Robust content marketing strategies play to a customer’s desire for knowledge and value-adding information. These qualities are also quintessential elements of a good conversation. Human-to-human communication is usually more than a means to an end – it is a mode of mutual exchange that feels natural, easy, and fruitful. How can specific touchpoints in your marketing campaigns function more like a conversation and less like a sales pitch?


Headlines and sub-headers are essential hooks to keep a customer interested in your broader content marketing message. Think of these touchpoints as the optimal moment to appeal to their desires and meet them where they are. Stick with plain, clear language that feels as easy to say aloud as it does to read. 


 Another way to show your customers how conversational you can be is to engage in conversation with them literally. Hop on Instagram Live, Twitter Spaces, TikTok, or another real-time social media channel to engage in direct exchange with your customers. Ready to approach your customers on a human level? ASTRALCOM is here to help. Learn more about our content marketing expertise.


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