The Simplest Way To Optimize for Speed

The Simplest Way To Optimize for Speed

Here’s Why We Think Bullet Points Are Underrated

Optimize for Speed

Content marketers spend a lot of time thinking about getting a potential customer’s attention to draw them into rich storytelling. Headlines, sub-headers, infographics, images, and videos are prime real estate. Some experts argue that an underutilized format is so simple that it almost feels too obvious: the bullet point.

Brief bulleted information is a powerful way to engage potential customers and grip their interest. Customers benefit from feeling like they’re being shown something valuable – almost like being on a tour. Bullet points can be a helpful tool to layout information quickly, concisely, and without any superlative language. Bullets should convey reasons rather than making claims and open with a relevant key phrase that potential customers are interested in. Place bullet points above the fold to organize key information such that a reader will get to the essence of what you’re offering right away. If your business is interested in trying new ways to convert customers through content marketing, work with us. ASTRALCOM partners with companies in all sectors to deliver intelligent, relevant content marketing that informs and engages customers.


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