How Organizations can Maximize the Impact of Events and Presentations

How Organizations can Maximize the Impact of Events and Presentations

Conferences, Trade Shows, Virtual Panels, and Events Demand Rigorous Insights and Context-Driven Metrics

The Impact of Events and Presentations

When speaking at a conference or event, thought leaders and presenters are overrun with things to remember. From production details to wardrobe, scripting a presentation can often feel like the last thing on a presenter’s list. Event organizers have a practice of gathering survey data from participating speakers and attendees – but what are they actually looking for, and what decisions does this data inform? 


 A recent analysis shows that three-quarters of event organizers are not equipped to synthesize and understand the data they gather. When metrics are used strategically, they can lead to transformative events. However, organizers need to be ready to capture data with business goals in mind ahead of an event to ensure that they’re reflecting an accurate, relevant picture of participants’ experience. After all, events represent significant marketing spend – it is incumbent on marketers to measure their ROI.


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