How ASTRALCOM Built Transformational Campaigns for a Restaurant Chain

How ASTRALCOM Built Transformational Campaigns for a Restaurant Chain

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Transformational Campaigns for a Restaurant Chain

Are you curious about how digital ads can work for your brand? In our recent case study, the team at ASTRALCOM shares how we helped a local restaurant business achieve a 2,841% return on advertising spend. In early 2022, we partnered with Abuelo’s, a chain of 35 Mexican restaurants with a footprint across the Midwest, south, and eastern United States. While Abuelo’s had worked with a few different agencies in the past, their verdict is simple: “You are, by far, the best one!”


They told us this after seeing a 28:1 return on pay-per-click ads, which we included in a multichannel campaign across social media, local SEO best practices, display ads, and more. Nielsen defines a “good” ROAS (return on advertising spend) as 2.87:1, meaning that a company makes $2.87 for every $1 spent on advertising. In the case of our work with Abuelo’s, we’ve helped them generate $28 for every dollar they’ve spent – an exponentially higher figure.


Let this stand as an invitation to any restaurant franchises or other local businesses who are hesitant to break into digital advertising. Lean on ASTRALCOM’s proven track record and watch the returns flow.


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