How Do Customers’ Values Inform Their Decisions?

How Do Customers’ Values Inform Their Decisions?

When and How to Dial In on Values-Based Marketing

Values-Based Marketing

The idea of supporting values-aligned brands and “voting with your wallet” has been a steady undercurrent of a culture where political and moral views are at the forefront of so much of the content we consume. But how much does values-driven decision-making actually impact consumer behavior? Recent data tells us that while values matter, price, convenience, and product availability are also important. Just 25% of consumers prioritize a brand’s values over its price. 


For older consumers, price is far and away the most vital behavioral driver. Brands should double down on their values and purpose when it will make a strong impression on customers, especially when a brand’s competitive landscape features other options that are similarly priced. If you have yet to solidify your brand values and communicate them in your marketing materials, you might wonder which values to hone in on to make an impression. These days, customers are paying extra attention to how brands treat their employees. If you provide exceptional opportunities, flexibility, or benefits for your employees, don’t hesitate to broadcast them! Another critical detail to remember is how actively you act on your values. If you claim to be an eco-friendly brand but lack the evidence to prove it, consumers will not likely trust your claims.


At ASTRALCOM, we know that converting the ideal customer is a delicate dance that requires a robust content strategy. No matter where you are in the process of defining and articulating your values externally, lean on us.


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