How Brands Can Facilitate Aha Moments for Their Customers

How Brands Can Facilitate Aha Moments for Their Customers

How Well Do Your Customers Understand Your Value Prop?

Understand Your Value Prop

Small businesses often treat their core value with love and care. If a brand is your baby, you’re bound to coddle it! But as much as business owners and marketers believe in the value of what they’re selling, they need to ensure that they communicate and convince customers of this value. A value proposition is, in essence, a distillation of why customers should purchase something from you. What will the purchase solve for them? What difference do you want your brand to make in their lives?

The key to creating trust and inspiring customers to believe in your product is to help them understand your value proposition. Once they understand, they can become a believer and will be ready to reap the benefits of your offering. To communicate your value proposition effectively, find ways to make it easy for customers to see and use your products and services. This means that your marketing should illustrate the experience of using, tasting, or benefitting from your offering. Your digital experiences should make it easy for customers to connect the dots between the value they’ll receive and the ability to make a purchase. Wherever possible, your marketing materials should clarify that your offering is distinct from your competitors.

For instance, when we worked with Pacific Northwest homebuilder True Built Home, we focused on communicating how True Built Home’s unique value. Many competing homebuilders charge for elements that are included for free in the True Built Home purchase price. To demonstrate this, we developed “That’s included!” messaging to assure customers that True Built Home goes the extra mile. We created a unique customer experience scenario that conveys this added value to homebuyers. It turns out that a clear competitive edge works fabulously – within a few weeks, we saw significant improvements to landing page engagement. Visitors spent 44% more time on the landing page than on other pages on the site, saw 9% fewer bounces, and increased goal completions by 68% compared with the previous landing page.

Sharing your value proposition and differentiating offerings at a prominent location like the landing page is just one of many ways you can go above and beyond to remove ambiguity from your customer’s experience. Get in touch if you’re seeking ways to better communicate your value proposition throughout your digital marketing touchpoints.


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