Navigating SEO for Google’s “People Also Ask” Section

Navigating SEO for Google’s “People Also Ask” Section

Can Your Brand Gain Traffic By Optimizing for “People Also Ask?”

People Also Ask

“People also ask” is an element in Google’s Search Engine Results Page that appears in 85% of searches. This section lists users’ questions related to a query to help a user navigate the results more effectively and tap into a deeper level of granularity. This element is now a patented Google feature that aims to be helpful to users. It also reflects customers’ purchase patterns and user journeys, making it a helpful tool for SEO marketers looking to drill down on different keywords.


With every click of the “People Also Ask” box, you can unlock more questions. Brands can try testing their own keywords as a way to learn about what potential customers will see and how to help align their keywords with the questions that populate. These keywords can live in a question format or FAQ section of a brand’s landing page to generate rich snippets in search results. Concise, clear answers to questions on your landing page will help optimize your content to appear in “People Also Ask.” Answers need to be relevant, scannable and should answer a question fully.


SEO remains a moving target with new features and algorithm updates changing the game regularly. If your brand is eager to get ahead and optimize for searches that customers will find relatable, ASTRALCOM is here to help. Learn more about our comprehensive SEO expertise.


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