The Secret Weapon of Clustered Keywords

The Secret Weapon of Clustered Keywords

Clustered Keywords Pushes SEO to New Levels

Clustered Keywords SEO

Many businesses experience frustration trying to keep up with SEO. This raises an important question: why are Google and other tech giants updating SEO’s functionality at such a fast clip? The answer is that SEO needs to evolve to keep up with the pace of information available online and to strike a balance between available results and the human variability in seeking those results. Each day, 15% of searches are net new – meaning they are brand new queries to Google. Users enter search phrases in new, unpredictable ways, challenging the algorithm to produce relevant results. 


How can brands respond to this complex juggling act between semantic behaviors and algorithmic change? One answer is keyword clustering. This tried-and-true SEO marketing technique involves grouping keywords by an oft-searched modifier, such as “best,” “cheapest,” or “near me.” Keyword groups require special attention – each cluster should be treated differently. Keywords that evoke a brand’s central offering or idea can appear with different modifiers throughout a website. Or, a keyword group might be used to optimize a single page.  


If your brand is interested in finding ways to align users’ intent with your offering, partner with ASTRALCOM. We’ve helped brands navigate the shifting sands of SEO marketing for over 20 years.


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