Three Ways Restaurants Can Incentivize Customers

Three Ways Restaurants Can Incentivize Customers

Has Your Restaurant Experimented with Incentive Marketing?

Incentive Marketing

Today’s market conditions are lobbing various challenges at restaurants, from supply chain shortages to staffing woes. As restaurants work to overcome these difficulties, there are a few quick wins they can try out from a marketing perspective to incentivize customers:

  1. Plant the right deals at the right time. Vintage as it may seem, direct mail can be a great way to reach local customers who need an extra boost. Direct mail is a great way to build brand awareness while influencing purchasing decisions. If a person receives an exciting deal when the moment is ripe, you may find yourself with a new loyal customer.
  2. Direct customers to your digital spaces. Take the time to create a simple website and update your main social media feeds so that customers who learn about your restaurant can find you online. Keep in mind that they’re likely to look up answers to any questions about where you’re located, what’s on your menu, or the types of cuisine you serve.
  3. Build loyal customers over time. As the threat of a recession looms, many customers will be tightening their belts and spending less. Reward existing customers by offering them a discounted meal or free dessert, side, or drink next time they come.

Growing loyal customers takes time, but the right incentives will pay off in the long run. Restaurants of all sizes can lean on ASTRALCOM for best-in-class SEO and digital marketing services.


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