Google Has Updated its Ad Policy

Google Has Updated its Ad Policy

A Summary of Google’s Revised Ad Policy

Google’s Revised Ad Policy

As digital marketers know well, there is never a dull moment in SEO, thanks to Google’s evolving algorithms and policies. Google recently released an announcement about updates to Google Ads’ destination requirements that will improve clarity for advertisers. Changes to the destination policies will go into effect in March 2022.


 When Google disapproves an ad, the advertiser may not always understand why it was disapproved, or what this means for the remainder of their ads. Google is updating its destination policy mainly to offer clear examples and refreshed language about disapprovals. Now, if an ad is disapproved on account of “insufficient original content,” “destination not accessible,” or “destination not working,” their reasoning will be clear and transparent. This should make it easier for advertisers to troubleshoot, fix the disapproval issue, and get on with their campaigns.


If your brand runs into frequent issues with Google ad disapprovals, or if you simply find the shifting policy tides difficult to navigate, lean on the team at ASTRALCOM. We have decades of SEO experience with brands across sectors.


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