Is There a Limit to How Authentic Your Marketing Should Be?

Is There a Limit to How Authentic Your Marketing Should Be?

Is It Better to Appear Authentic or Professional in Your Marketing?

Authentic Marketing

Is there a founder, influencer, or namesake at the center of your brand? If so, you’ve probably heard the advice, again and again, to “be authentic” in your content marketing and social media. But perhaps the human behind your brand is camera-shy, or it feels somehow off to act natural in the act of promoting your work. 


If authenticity shows more seams than you’re comfortable with, don’t worry – there is no pressure to overshare. As with any digital marketing activity, your best bet is to experiment and examine your results – even when it comes to how much personality you infuse into your content. Set specific metrics as you roll out new content or campaigns, and let the data speak to you. In addition, it is crucial to know your audience. What are their tastes and preferences? How well do they know your brand? If your content feels too “insider-y” for those who find you at the top of your funnel, you may turn them off. On the other hand, if your brand is meant to appeal to a particular lifestyle but doesn’t have any personality, your target audience is unlikely to find you relatable. 


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