How To Build Constructive Agency Partnerships

How To Build Constructive Agency Partnerships

Better Agency Relationships Translate to Better Business

Better Agency Relationships

Advertising agencies are famous for appearing glamorous, creative, and brimming with young, impressive talent. While these clichés may hold true in some shops, the reality for most ad professionals looks different. Agency folks can be a highly strategic, intelligent lot, and, because of their ability to work with just about any industry, their expertise is bound to be deeper than yours. So how can you get the most out of your partnerships with agencies?

It may sound simple, but it’s worth saying that kindness and courtesy go a long way in promoting trust. Agencies are used to bending over backward for their clients – and if you indicate that you respect both their work and their time, they are likely to prioritize your projects and treat you with mutual respect. When it comes to creative work, it behooves you to have someone who really wants to work on your account. Being friendly and respectful doesn’t necessarily mean you should roll over for everything, though. If you have new ideas or disagree with your agency’s approach, communicate thoroughly and tell them why you feel the way you do. The better your communication, the more the agency will be equipped to deliver on your goals.

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