When Will Everyday People Start Using NFT’s to Eat Out?

When Will Everyday People Start Using NFT’s to Eat Out?

Is Restaurant Exclusivity Worth Investment in the Metaverse?

Using NFT’s to Eat Out

NFT tokens are taking a new turn in the restaurant world as franchise businesses get on board to reward and incentivize local owners to join the team. So far, “clubstaurants,” or private, NFT-based memberships to restaurants complete with concierges, exclusive access, and VIP treatment, tend to favor the ultra-rich.


What does this new take on a loyalty program mean in practice? As with most exclusive groups, being a member grants customers unparalleled access to special events, discounts, free menu additions, secret menus, tailored experiences, and more. 


Is metaverse marketing here to stay? As with all things in food and dining, this type of promotion may feel risky but could yield high rewards. Everyday affordable restaurants are probably far from launching exclusive clubs with annual costs. Still, it may not be long before NFTs are integrated into franchise restaurants’ digital touchpoints and mobile apps. 


If the swirl of the metaverse has you more confused than excited, ASTRALCOM is here to help. Contact us to learn more about our experience elevating clients in the restaurant business across their digital channels.


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