Is Artificial Intelligence Here To Stay for Marketers?

Is Artificial Intelligence Here To Stay for Marketers?

Artificial Intelligence is No Longer a Science Fiction Concept

Artificial Intelligence

If the term Artificial Intelligence conjures images of humanoid robots and automated cars, you’re not alone. Many people consider AI to be a far-fetched, futuristic idea. In reality, most AI is happening behind the scenes through digital automation, data crunching, and customer behavior tracking. As such, AI presents massive opportunities to streamline workflows, make more efficient, data-informed decisions, and exponentially increase the power of your content marketing. A simple use case might be using AI and machine learning to generate hypotheses about the best time to engage your audience on social media. A note of caution: don’t go overboard with AI. Just because an AI service might exist to write your content marketing for you, you will be better served by sticking with the creative ingenuity of human-written content.

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