Have You Dipped a Toe into Search Marketing? Here’s What Mastery Looks Like

Have You Dipped a Toe into Search Marketing? Here’s What Mastery Looks Like

How To Become The Most Valued Subject Matter Expert on SEO In Your Company

Search Marketing

Search marketing mystifies many intelligent people and is a constantly evolving space. A subject matter expert in SEO is a highly coveted person for any marketing team. To be a true subject matter expert in SEO, you’ll need layers of credibility. The best way to become an expert in anything is to spend years mastering a skill and gaining knowledge through practice. If that feels daunting to you, don’t lose faith – start by making SEO a principal concern in your everyday work. The more you dig in, the more knowledgeable you’ll become. Because SEO changes so rapidly, you can accelerate your path to expert by staying up on Google’s algorithm changes and trends in the space. Before you know it, your team will come to you for your expert opinion. 


You might also look for certifications in topics as far-ranging as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and the Digital Marketing Association. Adding a certificate to your LinkedIn profile never hurts and signals to the job market that you’re willing to go deep to pursue your interests. In the meantime, partner with veteran SEO experts who have put in the work to learn the ins and outs of search marketing and can implement some best practices that you can study. The team at ASTRALCOM is here to partner with you and create innovative SEO solutions that will boost performance for your business


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