What Are Your Customers Searching For, Anyway?

What Are Your Customers Searching For, Anyway?

SEO is Adapting Again

What Are Your Customers Searching For

At ASTRALCOM, we’re no strangers to the shifting tides of SEO. Not only is Google evolving its algorithm constantly – users are adopting new methods to search online. Here are a few key points that reflect the new year’s biggest takeaways as both users and search engines adapt and grow:

  • Relevance is a fluid term. Google has redefined the meaning of relevance for a search query to account for authentic, helpful product reviews.
  • Context is a search factor. Google knows if a user is at home or out and about, and it knows what time of day a user is searching for something. These factors shape the search results a person receives. For instance, if people are out and about around lunchtime and search for “sandwiches,” they are more likely to get restaurants in their search results than recipes.
  • Google makes sense of the world via topics. Topics and usefulness will translate more readily to the algorithm than, say, a blog post crammed with keywords.

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