What’s the Buzz? Fresh Buzzwords Make Their Landing in 2023

What’s the Buzz? Fresh Buzzwords Make Their Landing in 2023

The Hot New Vocab You Can’t Ignore This Year

Fresh Buzzwords in 2023

Have you ever added “learn new words” to your list of New Year’s resolutions? If so – we’ve got you covered! The great people of NPR have listed some of the must-know buzzwords of 2023. Here are the ones we think are the most relevant in the world of digital marketing:

  • Precariat: this term refers to people who live precariously or do not have a secure source of financial resources or employment. A play on ‘precarious’ and ‘proletariat,’ precariat describes vulnerable people who are forced to struggle through conditions they did not create.
  • Solastalgia: an unnerving combination of ‘solace’ and ‘nostalgia,’ this term came about to describe a specific type of distress caused by climate change and environmental instability.
  • Superabundance: defined as “an amount or supply that is more than sufficient to meet one’s needs,” superabundance fans advocate for a controversial theory that population growth with intelligent, innovative people has the potential to increase – rather than decrease – the resources on Earth.

Will these buzzwords make their way into your next campaign? Perhaps not – but at ASTRALCOM, we are firm believers in speaking the same language as your customers and, better yet, being able to help them navigate the world and the web more soundly because you have your pulse on cultural trends. 


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