Chat GPT: A Gimmick, Or A Useful Marketing Tool?

Chat GPT: A Gimmick, Or A Useful Marketing Tool?

Handy Ways To Automate Your Marketing Workflows with Chat GPT

Chat GPT

When Chat GPT hit the internet, a chorus of mixed reactions accompanied it. Some felt excitement and surprise at the “intelligence” of the bot; some felt creeped out and nervous about it; others began to fear for their jobs. Chat GPT will not put marketers out of business – but it may help reduce time-consuming task overhead and streamline technical workflows. Here’s how:

  • Chat GPT facilitates analytics reports. One of the most labor-intensive projects a marketer can take on is the work of composing regular expressions for Google Analytics. Tell Chat GPT what you want analytics about and it will generate expressions for you.
  • Chat GPT can write excel formulas for you. How many times have you found yourself Googling complex spreadsheet formulas? Save time by having Chat GPT compose the formula for you.
  • Gather code and API data with Chat GPT. Yes – Chat GPT writes code, and it can help you make sense of large data sets within your e-commerce inventory.

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