Are You Competing with Yourself for Keyword Dominance?

Are You Competing with Yourself for Keyword Dominance?

What Your Keywords Say About Your SEO Strategy

Competing for Keyword Dominance

As a site owner, you have many boxes to tick and details to attend to. For the SEO health of your website, you must avoid keyword cannibalization. Keyword cannibalization occurs when two or more pages within your site rank for the same keyword. While some marketers think that more keyword ranking is a good thing, there’s a fine line. It is undoubtedly possible for more than one URL to rank in the search engine results page so long as the subpage is indented. If not, you risk confusing the Google algorithm and losing visibility on both ranking sites. 


To avoid keyword cannibalization, clean up your content strategy to prioritize internal linking and use keywords prominently in your anchor links. E-commerce sites that list product names across multiple pages can avoid keyword cannibalization by creating a canonical, which signals to the algorithm that one page is more central to a product listing than another. 


If you’re seeing multiple pages within your website appear un-indented on a search engine results page, get in touch with the team at ASTRALCOM. We bring decades of SEO experience to the table and are equipped to help you solve your thorniest site complexities. 


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