How To Walk The Line During a Period of Economic Uncertainty

How To Walk The Line During a Period of Economic Uncertainty

How Brands Can Appeal to Customers During Challenging Times

Appeal to Customers During Challenging Times

Three years from the start of the pandemic, we are no longer starting all emails with “in these uncertain times,…”. However, the economy is giving mixed messages between persistent inflation, a healthy job market, and soaring interest rates. Consumers are puzzled, and brands are unsure how to reach them. At ASTRALCOM, we’re not the only ones who believe that now is as good a time as any to tap into your loyal customers. Here are a few practical tips. 

  • Don’t stop making content. Similar to the early days of COVID-19, now is no time to pump the brakes. On the contrary – let your customers know that you’re present, you’re responsive, and your lights are on.
  • Be empathetic. Don’t be afraid to level with your customers. They’ll appreciate it! If you need to raise prices due to more costly supplies, tell them you’re doing so and explain why. If it feels appropriate to your brand, add humor to your storytelling. Nothing cuts through the fog of uncertainty like a good laugh. 
  • Reward your existing customers, and broaden your loyalty base. What would a membership program look like for your brand? How can you reward those who have kept coming back over time and entice those who are on the fence? 
  • Lead with your value proposition. Now is a terrific time to remind customers why you charge what you charge and what sets you apart from the competition. Customer testimonials, “a day in the life” with your product or service, and relatable instances of real people enjoying what you provide are all useful fodder for helping customers see themselves in your offerings. 

If you’re a customer-facing brand looking for fresh ways to convert new customers, partner with ASTRALCOM. We help brands to create dynamic, compelling storytelling and content marketing that works, no matter the economic weather. 


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