Youth is Calling! Marketers, Meet Generation Alpha

Youth is Calling! Marketers, Meet Generation Alpha

Who is Gen Alpha and Why Should Marketers Take Note?

Meet Generation Alpha

It feels like just yesterday, marketers were waking up to the specific needs and short-as-ever attention span of Gen Z. Here’s a reality check. As millennials move into the homebuying and parenting market and Gen Z steps into the workforce, there’s a new kid in town, and it’s called Generation Alpha.

Children born after 2012 fall into Gen Alpha – its oldest members are pre-teens. Marketers can begin to gear up for this new generation by understanding who they are and what they value. For one thing, Gen Alpha is more diverse than the rest of the United States and will become the largest generation in history. Already, 73% of children under 12 know how to use the internet, and 17% of them have smartphones. Like Gen Z, Alphas have a very short attention span but are drawn to content that feels real, interactive, and game-like. Furthermore, they’re all over YouTube. About 57% of Gen Alpha use YouTube, making it more saturated with young users than with users over 65.

Do you have a product or service offering for young people? ASTRALCOM can help you hone your conversion marketing plan to appeal to Gen Alpha’s quirks and preferences.


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