Why Testimonials Are Essential Marketing Material

Why Testimonials Are Essential Marketing Material

Smart Ways To Leverage Happy Customers

Testimonials Are Essential Marketing

Positive feedback feels great – who could deny the satisfaction of hearing that a product, service, or experience was well received by a customer? So often, great customer response is a key that can unlock other potential customers’ buying potential or convince them to pull the trigger. Here are a few reasons why you should consider refreshing old banners with stale client testimonials in favor of a more organic approach to showing how your brand is received: 

  • Positive testimonials give you credibility. When you demonstrate that real, relatable people have benefited from your products and services, you build a sense of trust and anticipation with future customers. 
  • Testimonials make excellent content marketing fodder. When a customer has an insightful, detailed story about how your brand added value for them, they might be able to contribute a blog post or article that doubles as excellent content marketing. 
  • Customers’ real-life experience removes obstacles for potential customers. If a customer-to-be feels unsure about making a purchase, learning about another customer’s experience might help clear up confusion or address potential concerns.

When a brand works closely with a customer group to understand the benefits of their experience, the feedback can take on a life of its own. If you are looking for ways to connect with customers and ease friction for conversions, work with ASTRALCOM. Our tried and true frameworks elevate content strategies and digital marketing campaigns to achieve effective results. 


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