Your SEO Future Starts Now

Your SEO Future Starts Now

How To Make Sense of SEO’s Indexing Lag

SEO Indexing Lag

Google’s algorithm offers preferential treatment to large, powerful organizations. Here’s why: for big sites where everything functions perfectly, no information is out of date, and teams of people are at the ready to correct any bug, typo, or design error at the drop of a hat, it is clear to the algorithm that a site is authentic and legitimate. These sites can get away with publishing new content and attaining SEO results within a few days.

Most organizations, however, operate on a small scale. An SEO investment will likely take about a year to pay off for small businesses trying to gain a competitive edge on the search engine results page. That said, once you start to see results, they’re likely to continue to impact you for upwards of 24 months.

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to SEO – which is to say, you don’t need to overhaul your entire approach every time Google adds a new algorithmic parameter, nor should you aim for quick wins with short bursts of content. Instead, give your experiments time and space to play out. Suppose you begin publishing a series of SEO-optimized articles each month. The more articles that live on your website, the higher you’ll climb on the search engine results page. And, while rising from position 5 to position 4 may seem like a subtle shift, the traffic impact can be exponential. The key is that exponential growth does not happen overnight.

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