Calling All Homebuilders: Selling Homes Just Got Easier

Calling All Homebuilders: Selling Homes Just Got Easier

Introducing ASTRALCOM’s Plug & Play Campaign Packs for Homebuilders

ASTRALCOM’s Plug & Play Campaign Packs for Homebuilders At ASTRALCOM, we take pride in creating scalable, transformative solutions for businesses that want to see digital strategy impact without hassle. For this reason, we are launching an innovative set of Homebuilder Plug & Play Campaign Packs to provide homebuilders with a competitive edge by simplifying their digital marketing efforts and creating a robust sales funnel.

These packs are the output of our 25 years of experience partnering with homebuilders throughout the United States and extensive research and expertise in targeting, engaging, and inspiring homebuyers. The packs include various carefully created and market-tested elements that give homebuilders solutions for different messaging scenarios. Packs consist of essential digital assets such as eye-catching banner ads, social media posts, landing page templates, and prefabricated flyers, all of which are editable and fully customizable to suit homebuilders’ specific needs and to support you in working from the knowledge you have already cultivated about your target homebuyer. The packs are easy to use – homebuilders simply need to add a logo and colors, photography that shows off your new home, fonts, and basic copy. Our sample messaging and layouts are crafted to make a lasting impression on your target audience, driving traffic to your site and increasing conversions.

ASTRALCOM’s Plug & Play Campaign Packs for Homebuilders

We offer four distinct packs according to different possible homebuyer scenarios. Our Rent vs. Own Pack guides potential homebuyers towards homeownership, appealing to their interests and the emotional quality of being a first-time homebuyer. In our New vs. Used Pack, we address the age-old debate about whether to purchase a new or used home and highlight the advantages of buying new. For homebuilders whose offerings include the option to personalize a home’s design or interior, we created a Personalization = Pack. Lastly, our Interest Rates Pack empowers homebuyers with crucial information to understand why now is a great time to buy, regardless of interest rates.

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