How Can Small Businesses Compete with Robots for SEO Credibility?

How Can Small Businesses Compete with Robots for SEO Credibility?

Navigating Google is a Non-Negotiable for Small Businesses – How Can They Create Content That Speaks To the Algorithm?

SEO Credibility

Small business owners have much in common – grit, readiness to hustle, and a commitment to their specific product or service that motivates tireless work and creativity. Less obvious, perhaps, is that all small business owners across the board must leverage Google as a source of traffic, customers, and, ultimately, sales. According to a recent opinion piece in The Verge, this universal truth has led to the ongoing degradation of Google search because so many businesses have begun using AI tools to do their SEO heavy lifting for them – thus contributing to an internet that is filled with SEO-optimized content that no human will ever have an interest in reading. 

If you’re asking yourself who your audience really is and if they come to your site for authentic, value-adding content marketing that is not simply getting you good SEO marks, don’t worry – a hybrid approach is possible and maybe the best route forward. For example, if you write articles, newsletters, or social media posts that impart advice, give guidelines to help customers better engage with your offerings, or provide other educational material, keep up the good work. Your customers need to see that there is an intelligent, persuasive, exciting human behind your brand! That said, if you’re running an e-commerce brand and spending hours tagging images and logging inventory information, there are automations built into platforms like Shopify that can save you valuable time. Just be sure to check for accuracy before you publish them. Similarly, tools like Canva can save you hours or thousands in creative services by creating AI-generated flyers, social media graphics, and promotional coupons. Again, though, these assets should not replace all branding efforts, some of which – like logo design and style guides – are best produced with humans at the helm. 

Small businesses have a whole new level of SEO considerations to navigate with AI tools at their disposal. If you need help figuring out where to start and how to unlock the best efficiencies for your brand, get in touch with the team at ASTRALCOM. Our comprehensive SEO expertise will set you up for success and help you manage your workflow between automated tools and the special touches that benefit from your personal voice. 


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