The Next Generation Cares About Mental Health – Can Brands Step Up?

The Next Generation Cares About Mental Health – Can Brands Step Up?

For Brands, Vulnerability and De-Stigmatization are Invitations to Young Consumers 

Mental Health for Brands

In a rapidly evolving consumer landscape, brands can’t be strangers to social issues that their customers care about. Notably, the stigma around mental health that brands have historically steered clear of is now being addressed more openly. Why? Today’s young consumers are opening up about their feelings – and the world is listening.

Gen-Zers are known for being tech-savvy, creative, and independent – but with open eyes to a harsh, changing world comes significant emotional distress. Studies indicate that 70% of Gen-Zers consider mental health a top priority – they are more likely to report mental health concerns than any other group. This should come as no surprise, as they’ve come of age during a global pandemic, a news cycle where school shootings are more common than hurricanes, and the economy has thrown them challenges from inflation to student loan debt. Consequently, Gen-Z consumers appreciate brands that incorporate mental health and self-care into their marketing and messaging.

Take Gen-Z influencers, for example, who lead by sharing their mental health stories, promoting acceptance, and destigmatizing common mental health topics. Even mainstage brands can make space to speak up – for instance, Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty brand actively participates in mental health advocacy.

Taking an authentic, human stance is key if your brand is ready to show up and show your values related to social issues. Avoid superficial engagement with social issues, such as occasional posts during awareness months, and instead pick one or two issues that matter to you and incorporate messaging consistently throughout the year. You might also consider partnering with relevant nonprofits, getting your staff involved in a certain social issue, and collaborating with social media influencers. If Gen Z is a market your brand wants to reach, ASTRALCOM can help. Not only do we support brands in creating meaningful campaigns across verticals – we also have a proven track record of partnering with healthcare organizations and mental health agencies


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