Have You Evaluated Your Website’s Health Lately?

Have You Evaluated Your Website’s Health Lately?

Simple Ways To Ensure Your Site’s Technical SEO is Performing Well

Evaluate Your Site's Technical SEO

In many areas of life, a health check feels obvious. For cars, we get an oil change; for ourselves, we go in for a physical – but how are you keeping an eye on your website’s health? Keeping your SEO technically sound should be a priority for any digital marketer – doing so will help improve your search engine rankings while also driving user engagement and building a loyal customer base. Here are some key areas to evaluate in a technical check-up:

  • Website Speed: Fast loading times improve your site’s user experience and search engine rankings. To optimize your website’s speed, consider leveraging caching, compressing images, and minimizing HTTP requests.
  • Mobile Optimization: We are now in a smartphone-first ecosystem; as a response, mobile-friendly websites are crucial in today’s digital landscape, and Google prioritizes mobile-first indexing. Be thorough in implementing a responsive design, fast mobile loading times, and structured data markup.
  • Technical SEO Audits: Your site deserves regular technical SEO audits so that you can identify and fix issues that may impact search rankings. Tools like Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, and Ahrefs are all great resources for comprehensive audits.
  • Security and HTTPS: Site security and HTTPS encryption are pivotal tools to build both user trust and search engine rankings. If possible, try to obtain an SSL certificate, implement HTTPS across your entire site, and keep an eye out for security vulnerabilities.

Overall, technical SEO is critical in improving website performance, search engine visibility, and user experience. If you are ready to make 2024 the year that you maximize your technical SEO performance, partner with the experts at ASTRALCOM. We have decades of SEO expertise across business areas and can provide comprehensive digital marketing services.


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