How To Make Your Website a Conversion Machine

How To Make Your Website a Conversion Machine

Are You Making It Easy for Your Customers to Make Purchases?

Website Conversion Machine

Landing page design is an ever-present albatross for digital marketing and e-commerce businesses. How can you get people to your site? Where will they discover you? And then, once they arrive, can they have a frictionless experience conducive to making purchases or completing a registration process?

The reality is that most users don’t visit your website to subscribe to your email or list or complete a registration form. They come to learn something valuable, view pricing, see deals, etc. Through well-designed interfaces and human-centered content, you can indeed remove friction from this conversion process. Consider how long the process is – how many fields does a user need to fill out to register; how many page links does registration require of them, and does registration take them away from your landing page? Additionally, consider the cognitive load the process requires based on how your site is formatted, how easy it is to navigate, and the way you design buttons. Check out this tool for a comprehensive checklist.

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