Catalina Express Chooses ASTRALCOM’s adZooks! to Reach New Local Audiences

Catalina Express Chooses ASTRALCOM’s adZooks! to Reach New Local Audiences


Advertising during the holiday season is always a tough job. You can imagine the amount of advertising messaging the typical shopper encounters. Typically, response and ad click-thru rates are low. It makes sense because the market is flooded with messages for year-end specials and holiday deals on all sorts of stuff. Connecting with consumers, of course, becomes more difficult. Making that all-important connection is easier, though, when the creatives and messaging are captivating and the subject matter is interesting.  Like a trip to Catalina Island! Catalina Express wanted to reach new local shoppers during the holiday season. The offer was straightforward – consider going to Catalina Island as a gift.

We created original ads with unique messaging that helped communicate the novel idea of our client’s service as a holiday gift for someone on their list. We specified a geographic radius for reaching shoppers that were a certain distance from our client’s locations. Then, we targeted the most appropriate, high-traffic sources to place the ads in. The marketing key performance indicators (KPIs) point to unquestionable success:

Duration: 31 days (December)
Ad views: 316,145
Referrals: 782
Click-thru Ratio (CTR): .25%

What was the response from Catalina Express? “This is great!”

In all fairness, though, who wouldn’t want a gift like a trip to Catalina Island, for any occasion?

It doesn’t matter what city you’re in. It doesn’t matter if you need national, regional or local targeting. adZooks! delivers every time. Contact us for your syndicated banner advertising needs.