What Does A Customer-First Business Look Like?

What Does A Customer-First Business Look Like?

Forrester Research’s 2007-2014 Customer Experience Index studies showed that companies that were customer experience leaders generated a cumulative total return of 77.7%. Even more surprising, customer experience laggards generated a -2.5% return. That’s not a small difference.

Customer Experience Leaders Outperform

Just look at Watermark Consulting’s 2014 Customer Experience ROI Study and you’ll see the reasoning that will help you make a case for the people and things you need to create the ultimate customer experience

Daniela Burstein at eMarkerter goes into more detail in his excellent article and also offers a few good examples of companies setting the standard in customer experience.

Mr. Burstein summarizes the importance of customer experience nicely and states, “Essentially, putting customers’ needs first is the most effective way to create a sustainable competitive advantage.”

We can certainly tell you that small adjustments in the customer experience can yield huge returns.

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