H&H Homes Taps ASTRALCOM For SEO Assistance

H&H Homes Taps ASTRALCOM For SEO Assistance

H&H Homes has been a long-time client of ASTRALCOM. So when they asked us to help them with the organic search positioning, we jumped at the opportunity. The VP of Marketing at H&H Homes is smart and savvy and already had a list of SEO-related issues for us to tackle.

H & H Homes

If you’re familiar with SEO and CMS (content management solutions), then you already know the sorts of limitations and challenges inherent in SEOing a CMS.

Nevertheless, after tackling the client’s list and an initial set of SEO ”quick wins” we’d identified, the 30-day results were in. Overall sessions were only up a bit over 1%, but the goal conversion rate jumped 19.4% and goal conversions, as a whole, climbed by 20.8%!

Small tweaks can yield big differences in outcomes.

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