How Family and Friends Influence Our Buying Decisions

How Family and Friends Influence Our Buying Decisions

Other than some social media outreach and maybe some paid keyword campaigns, most brands engage their buyers on their websites – at the end of the buyer journey. Instead, brands could be reaching buyers more upstream – at the beginning of the purchase cycle, when buyers are still in the awareness and consideration stages. By doing so, brands can more effectively maneuver buyers toward conversion.

This article from eMarketer does a superb job of describing a new hotbed of marketing focus, earlier in the customer journey, stating that customers are. “…inspired, informed and assured by others throughout the path to purchase. A slew of marketing approaches have developed to identify, activate or enable key individuals who can sway the brand preferences, buying decisions and loyalty of others. Together, they make up the influencer marketing ecosystem.”

Influencer marketing

The eMarketer article points to retailers’ overall focus at the intent-end of the customer journey and says that, “…retailers have been relatively slow adopters of influencer marketing.”

In a positive nod toward retailers, the article mentions retailers’ use of social reviews and user-generated content as “influencer” tactics, stating that, “Increasingly, however, retailers are working with influencers who have less reach but greater relevance for a select group of shoppers.

By meeting customers earlier in their journey, brands can have more influence over buyers earlier in the sales cycle process.

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