Why You Need an Editorial Calendar for Your Content Marketing Efforts

Why You Need an Editorial Calendar for Your Content Marketing Efforts


To publish high-quality content on a regular basis, you need an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar can be used for different purposes as outlined below:

– Organizing and managing your content development and publication

– Effectively sending your content across different marketing channels

– Providing content that is aligned with your marketing strategy

– Assessing your resources and exploring new methods to fill the available gaps in your content strategy

The moment you design and document a plan for your content marketing strategy, you will also lay the foundation for your calendar. This ensures that the content you produce will give you the best opportunity for a positive ROI when it comes to content marketing goals. When you’re creating a content marketing strategy, it’s important to establish content pillars, which are the core topics for which you’ll be looking to claim ownership. The use of pillars helps to align your brand mission with SEO keywords which you’re hoping to rank well for in the search engines. These pillars will have related topics. Within your marketing strategy, try to map content types that will help you to stay organized for the buyer’s journey.

Which platform is the best for creating an editorial calendar? Keep in mind, the format of your editorial calendar will depend on the size of your organization. The team you have assembled for this work can access several content marketing platforms, such as NewsCred’s, who actually have a great article on editorial calendars here. Make sure to align your editorial content with your email strategy, which I wrote about in a recent post.

If you need help in creating an editorial calendar that is well-aligned with your content marketing strategy, ASTRALCOM is the best source to help you get started. A key component of our social media content strategy is the editorial topical calendar, which we always prepare and submit for client approval before we begin writing anything. To begin the process, or for any questions you have, give us a shout today!