Marketers Leverage Customer Data to Tell More Compelling Stories

Marketers Leverage Customer Data to Tell More Compelling Stories


How is Data Leading the Creative Process?

It may come as no surprise that circumstances drive customers’ decision making and buying patterns. How can companies tap into individual or shared life experiences to cultivate branding and storytelling that makes customers feel like they’re part of the same narrative?

An article in Newscred describes a scenario in which a Northeast snowstorm led to an enormous amount of liquor purchases. For one advertising agency, this meant boosting ads about liquor when customers ran online searches about the cold weather. This tactic proved remarkably successful – and is a strong case study for the use of collective experience to build data-driven marketing. For example, when we created Impression Homes’ new website, we integrated the ability for users to search for properties based on the school district because that’s was an important aspect for new homebuyers. Most homebuilder websites do not have this kind of important data-driven element.

When used effectively, data-driven marketing can also be fast and can enable companies to respond quickly to events with relevant ads and deals.

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