The Importance of an SEO Audit for Your Website

The Importance of an SEO Audit for Your Website


Audit Your SEO – It’s Like an Oil Change for Your Website

What happens when you lose track of your website’s SEO? There’s a lot that can go wrong – from error pages to redirected links, duplicated content or content that doesn’t function across device dimensions. Keeping track of your website’s health and search engine optimization is essential to maintaining a strong digital marketing presence.

Auditing the functionality and effectiveness of your SEO is a good practice to schedule on a quarterly basis at a minimum. More frequent updates may be necessary if you’re consistently adding new features or pages, or when new device releases require you to re-optimize your content. Media Update offers some handy tips and starting points to structure your SEO audit. Here are some of my favorites.

• Fix broken links. No one wants to see a 404 error when navigating a website – and when it comes to reaching new customers, broken links and error pages can kill your credibility.

• Amp up your load speed. Slow and steady loses the race when it comes to grabbing users’ attention. Google has established a best practice of a 2-second load time – aim for this or less.

• Create an XML sitemap. Listing your website’s components in this table-of-contents-style tool helps Google effectively crawl your site and grow your presence in search engines.

• Boost your word count. Longform content performs very well in search engines. The deeper you go with quality, authentic content, the higher you’ll rank.

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