Top Trends For Marketing With Instagram

Top Trends For Marketing With Instagram

How To Make The Most Of Instagram in 2019


Instagram is a more powerful platform than ever – new features that have been introduced in recent months have opened doors for marketers to experiment with unforeseen ways to generate leads and build interest in their businesses.

With Stories Ads, there is now a clear way to make a direct call to action while a user engages with a brand’s story. As I’ve written about in the past, ephemeral moments are a great way to display deals and capitalize on a trending mood, topic or customer desire. Drawing a user in with emotion-driven content can lead to quick conversations through stories – and now that stories can directly draw users to a product site, you can quickly turn the interaction into a relationship.

IGTV, a feature launched just last summer, allows you to upload up to an hour of video content. NewsCred lauds Chipotle’s hyper-viral unboxing video for getting 10,000 views in a week and building an engaging conversation around an otherwise banal act. Do you need to load a full hour of content? Probably not – but now you can dive deep into a subject area for 5, 10 or 15 minutes without chopping content into smaller bits to accommodate story or post limits.

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