What Impact Do Online Reviews Have On Patients’ Decisionmaking?

What Impact Do Online Reviews Have On Patients’ Decisionmaking?

What Your Past Patients Say About You Online Is A Major Factor In New Patient Acquisition

According to a recent article, 70% of patients call online reviews “crucial” in selecting a healthcare provider. Put yourself in a patient’s shoes – the healthcare landscape is difficult to navigate, full of complexity and insurance-related red tape. Plus, anyone who has had a negative experience with a doctor is bound to be cautious in seeking out new providers, specialists, and care. The wellness industry has given people a renewed sense of ownership of their bodies – which means more scrutiny than ever in seeking care.

So what can healthcare providers do? Keep close tabs on your score – sites like HealthGrades, ZocDoc and even Yelp will inform prospective patients well before they walk through your door. Your reputation precedes you; it’s important that you know what patients have said.

In order to claim some agency and to own the story that is told about your practice, engage with online reviewers – especially when an unflattering review comes in. Be prompt, be courteous, and offer to discuss the matter offline. Amazingly, customer satisfaction increases to a staggering 99% when negative reviews are handled appropriately.

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