How To Establish An Edge With Local SEO

How To Establish An Edge With Local SEO

What Does Local SEO Mean For Your Business?


When it comes to “going local” with SEO, the rewards are huge – on-the-go search is an evolving use case for users across channels and shows no sign of slowing down, especially with increasingly ubiquitous search options via voice command.

What does it take to make an impact on local SEO? In order to have an authoritative presence in the local business space, you have to become an authority, according to a deep dive in Search Engine Journal. This means carefully investing thoughtful resources into your content strategy to ensure high relevance, quality content, meaningful reviews, and an authentic digital brand presence. Blasting heaps of content through blogs and social channels simply isn’t enough – you need value-adding material that feels actionable and useful to your audience. Before you have the content created, assess why you’re creating it and who you expect to influence. Be aspirational, not repetitive in getting your message out.

Local SEO is a process – not a one-off problem to solve. It’s key to be strategic about the technical, bot-facing elements of your site – including strong local links, fast and optimized load time, and site security. On the flip side, implementing a clear plan to iteratively evolve your site’s user experience will also be critical to determining how relevant and actionable users find your content to be.

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