Ready to Boost Your E-Commerce Site? Check Out This SEO Checklist to Help You Get Started

Ready to Boost Your E-Commerce Site? Check Out This SEO Checklist to Help You Get Started

The Roadmap to E-Commerce Success Requires Giving Your SEO Some TLC


Selling products online is an exciting way to approach new markets – so long as customers can find you! I love this easy breakdown of 7 steps to improve your SEO product page rankings. Here are my summary and thoughts:

1. Lock in a secure HTTPS web address. In the age of security sensitivity and data privacy concerns, HTTPS is essential for any online business that plans to collect personal information – credit card details, name, address, etc. Plus HTTPS sites rank much higher in Google’s search results.

2. Optimize your site’s speed. Reduce the size of your images (jpegs are ideal for this), and only use images that are essential to telling your story and spotlighting your products. A fast-loading site with simple design elements is significantly more likely to pop up early in search results – and is also more likely to retain a user’s attention.

3. Get specific and compelling with your products’ metadata descriptions. Meta descriptions appear in the search results feed under a product’s headlines and can grab a customer’s attention when they feel relevant and on-point with a specific search query. This is a good area to continually audit – a topic I’ve discussed recently.

4. Understand the keywords that align with buyers’ intent. You can check out Google’s Ads Keyword Planner to track down keywords that have a strong pattern and are likely to correspond with buyers’ intent.

5. Put your keywords in your URL’s. Google prefers short, simple URL’s that list out exactly what a page is showing, i.e.

6. Be a maximalist with content. Research shows that 1,000 words or more helps Google’s bots – as well as visitors to your site – fully understand what you’re selling.

7. Make linking part of your social media strategy. The more links to your product pages in reviews and social posts, the stronger traction you’ll create in your backlinks – which has a strong impact on SEO success.

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