Why Spoken Queries are the Future of SEO

Why Spoken Queries are the Future of SEO

What happens to your business when your customers search by talking?


As search engines evolve, marketers need to take advanced measures to stay relevant and to create a clear, searchable path for customers browsing the web. These days, according to the latest from Entrepreneur, more than 40% of adults are going to voice-search first, and 55% of teens are on board. Predictions show the in the next year, voice-based search may outpace traditional search engine use.

Why? The convenience of speaking simply wins out for many users, plus voice interactions give users the freedom to interact hands-free and find top hits in response to their search queries without needing to look at a screen.

I’ve written about the impending explosion of voice-interactions in the past – as technology and consumer demand for increased voice capability have grown, it’s time for SEO to step up. SEO for voice means first and foremost offering keywords that mimic natural spoken language. When it comes to seeking a local business, getting directions or even e-commerce, voice search is an easy default for many users. The more conversational and natural your search keywords, the more likely users are to track you down. Adding more specificity and clarity with long-tail search terms, such as “best dinner for large groups” as opposed to just “best dinner” will benefit your business’ searchability.

Additionally, enhancing location-based SEO so that the words “Near Me” create a clear, easy path between users and your local business is essential for voice search.

Last, a healthy combination of short-form and long-form content will serve you well in the voice search ecosystem. Long-form, quality content on your site is the SEO gold standard for creating a strong web profile. On the other hand, short verbal snippets play an important role as they function like the quippy, conversational answers you might offer in response to users’ off the cuff questions.

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