The Latest SEO Algorithm Updates

The Latest SEO Algorithm Updates

Google’s Search Algorithm Keeps Us On Our Toes


There’s no one way to dance with Google’s algorithm. The ever-evolving nature of deep web SEO keeps marketers on their toes – and gives us ample reason to constantly be checking out the newest, strongest ways to help businesses shine in a changing tech landscape.

I’ve covered the technical essentials businesses need to stay on top of in order to stay healthy and searchable. As Google continues to outpace other search engines by a long shot (the next closest competitor has only 15% of Google’s traffic), strong backlinking remains core to any site’s ability to stand out.

When Google releases major SEO updates, it names them memorably after animals. It is helpful to be familiar with important updates such as Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon. Panda was rolled out several years ago as a way to weed out low-grade content. Core to playing safe with Panda, businesses need long-form content and authentic, verifiable backlinks in order to stay relevant. Penguin, on the other hand, was introduced as a way to fight spam and low-quality online marketing. Here more than ever, the antidote can be found through identifying reliable backlinks, backlinking through strong bloggers, industry leaders, and trusted sites, and disavowing any trashy or spammy backlinks. Finally, the Pigeon algorithm update is all about Local SEO. Users’ locations, strong location-based search keywords, key information such as address and phone number and authentic user-generated reviews are all essential to play effectively with Pigeon.

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